Cabin Corners, 2010Cabin Corners, 2010Cabin Corners, 2010

Cabin Corners, 2010

Jenny Heishman grew up in Florida surrounded by theme parks, water flumes and golf courses. Nature was mimicked -- much of her world was a reconstruction of some other place's history and landscape.

She writes: "Because we enjoyed year-round warmth, we built the seasonal changes with plastic autumn leaves, artificial snow, and unspoken agreements. This environment taught me how to use objects to create a fabricated reality."

For this piece, Heishman's aim was to design a sculpture that would intersect with both the architecture of the adjacent building as well as the planter beds in the pocket park. Choosing to work with forms that are recognizable from the logging culture of the Pacific Northwest, her hope was to embed the piece in its site by way of a historical reference.

Heishman writes: "I'm interested in how the three components of the sculpture enclose an imaginary room, creating a space within a space and how the invented history embodied in the work might send its audience back in time."